3 Bird Toys you can Buy Online

Bird life in the wild is not a walk in the park. Besides hunting for food and water, there are other things that birds do. These include competing for their nest sites, courting mates, as well as laying and incubating eggs.

Aside from drinking, eating and preening, what else is an indoor bird supposed to do? This is where bird’s toys come in handy. Shop4Pets says you can buy various bird toys through the internet.

Here are some of the great toys you can get online:

1. Destroy Toys

These play toys are made to be destroyed through chewing. They replicate the natural tendencies of birds for activities such as nest preparation. These destructible bird toys for chewing include come in various kinds. These include chipped wood, milled wood, branches with bark, hemp, leather, cotton, paper and other natural materials.

2. Noise or Sound Toys

This category appeals to the wild and social side of the birds It caters to their communication instincts as well. In that case, nickel plated or stainless steel bells are the most common and easy-to-use noise related toys. Additionally, you can also get music boxes that have various buttons to produce different tunes every time your bird presses certain buttons. In other cases, you can use hard plastic beads to produce loud noises.

3. Interactive Toys

These are for appeasing the emotional and intellectual needs of your bird. They are mostly made from durable materials. Beads are the best interactive toys for your bird as they offer sounds and movement. They are also tough to break.

As the bird’s toy world continues to evolve, more people will create designs will that will accommodate various home and wild instinctual behaviours. There are also bird toys you can wear such as eyeglasses and jewellery to facilitate pet play.