A secured house
Home and Garden

3 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

January 18, 2018

Gone are the days when you can leave your house, forget to lock the front door, and not worry about a thing. These days, you sometimes feel you’re not safe even inside your own home. […]

oil depot

EIA Expects Record Oil Production in the U.S. Through 2019

January 12, 2018

The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Short-Term Energy Outlook showed that oil production would reach an average of 10.27 million bpd in 2018 and 10.85 million bpd in 2019. The two estimates would erase the record production […]

Car on high speed on the road

4 Brilliant Tips To Keep Your Car Roadworthy

January 5, 2018

So you would like to keep your car ever roadworthy to keep those worries away especially when you are behind the wheel. You can always consider some handy tips and tricks to make your vehicle […]

Woman showing her jewelry to her friends

Taking Care of Your Jewelry the Right Way

January 2, 2018

Jewelry is a great adornment that enhances your appearance, but they cost a fortune. When you buy it in online jewelry shops, you at least expect it to last you a long time; and yes, it […]