Cavities? Dry Mouth? Your Workout May Be to Blame

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wage garnishment

The Hole in Wage Garnishment

wage garnishmentThe issues with divorce do not end with the final verdict, especially when there is a child involved. Child support is the trickiest of those issues, and not everyone is willing to cooperate, even with a court order. This is why the law provided a method known as wage garnishment to help people get child support money from former spouses whether they want to or not.

Wage garnishment skips over the former spouse and goes directly to their source of income. The employer automatically deducts the support money from the wages of the former spouse before they even get to see their paycheck. This is a simple and straightforward means of getting support money, and professionals from often recommend it if the former spouse is uncooperative. Nevertheless, wage garnishment is not fool proof.

A recent case in Florida is looking to see whether there is a mistake in the calculation of support money. In the case file, the spouse paying the support money works at a restaurant as a server, earning slightly less than the hourly minimum wage. This is allowed by law because of the expectation that employees within the restaurant service industry earn tips and gratuities.

The issue in the case is that the plaintiff accuses the employer of calculating the support money from the former spouse’s hourly wage, excluding those tips and gratuities. It may not seem like much, but once the monthly calculations came in, the difference between payments with and without those tips came to around two hundred dollars.

Now, the case is all the way in Florida, and it is hard to imagine that it can have any effect up here in Maine, but the arguments will be worth looking at. Wage garnishment is a national statute, and any debate regarding what it can and cannot do will have an effect on how people will approach their calculations in the future.

What people can glean from this case so far is that if former spouses do not want to pay for support, there is wage garnishment. Employers can be taken to court if they miscalculate on the support money claimed by wage garnishment.

Career Shift

Why You are Not Too Old for a Career Shift

Career ShiftWith today’s job market, the thought of leaving the relative comfort of your current work to pursue a career in an entirely new field seems insane. What more when you are starting to get on in years? Yet there are plenty of people who have exactly that, and have experienced considerable success.

Even if you are well past your prime, experience and work ethic definitely count for something. Furthermore, today’s globalized and tech driven society makes it much easier to successfully pull off a late career change. Here is how to make it work.

1. Find parallels – At first glance, there are probably few things that connect your current job with your dream career. Yet the two might be more related than you expect. Find ways to translate those abilities; did you work as a secretary for over a decade? Then you likely have excellent people, time management, and organizational skills, all of which are strongly in demand in many fields.

2. Train and study – Even with those parallels, though, you probably have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, technology makes this easy. There are plenty of online resources where you can learn from, and even receive certification. Train to be a web developer at Treehouse, or study to become a paralegal at The Center for Legal Studies; the opportunities are right there for the taking.

3. Know how to apply – This is the hardest part, and why most people never attempt making a late career change. Unfortunately, the traditional methods like mass sending out resumes or going through recruiters are no longer that effective for you. But there’s hope yet; if you can get the attention of an open minded manager who can see your value, the odds greatly increase in your favor.

If you have a strong network that can help, then great. Otherwise, create a cover letter that emphasizes your excitement and strengths, along with how your experience can specifically help the company. Send it directly to the hiring manager, and there is a good chance you will at least get a response.

With any luck, you will one day be able to land a good position in this entirely new field. Your challenges are just beginning, of course, but it’s better than to work for decades more at a job you hate.

metal roofing

Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing: How to Make Your Roof Better

metal roofingWhen you put a roof on your newly built home, or when you replace your existing roof, you have different choices in material. Regardless of the style of the roof, metal roofing may be a good option.

Metal roofs come with a number of benefits, confirms, although they do have their share of disadvantages too. You can choose from tin, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, and zinc.

• The advantages of such roofs

They are very durable and so they last longer than some other types. The life expectancy is 40 years at the minimum, whereas the conventional asphalt roofs last a maximum of 20 years only even if you take good care of them. Metal is durable, will not crack or corrode easily, and some types are impact-resistant too. Most of them can sustain strong wind gusts. They can also be customized and fabricated per your specifications.

• Eco-friendly and efficient

They do not need any pricey maintenance, although they will need regular inspection to ensure that all is well—no rust or holes. They are safe as they will not catch fire. They reflect the solar heat and can decrease your cooling costs significantly. Recycled content can be used to make such roofs. The roofs themselves can be recycled too. So they are both energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

• Some disadvantages

They are a bit pricier than other, more traditional materials. During a hailstorm they can be noisy, but with more insulation this problem can be solved. They may contract and expand during extreme temperature fluctuations. But if they are correctly installed with fasteners that allow breathing space, this issue will not cause problems. The installation should be made in such a way that water never accumulates on it.

Picking the right material, fabricating your roof well and letting professionals install them will ensure that you enjoy their benefits more.

Oral Health

Cavities? Dry Mouth? Your Workout May Be to Blame

Oral HealthSurprisingly, pro athletes are not as healthy as you think. According to a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, many athletes suffer a range of dental problems—tooth decay and gum disease among others. If you’re struggling with cavities or dry mouth, your exercise routine may be to blame.

Here are some signs that your workout is messing with your oral health.

If Your Teeth Feel Extra-Sensitive

You may want to reconsider your 3K run at the park every day. Breathing in cold air may make your teeth more sensitive. Other than the cold air, the increased circulation that happens during the workout also intensifies the sensitivity. If you really can’t give up running and biking outside, wear a scarf over your mouth and breathe through it as you exercise. If you already have sensitive teeth, dental experts from strongly suggest that you use specifically formulated toothpaste.

If You Keep Getting Tooth Decays

Don’t blame your sweet tooth for the cavities. The tooth decay may be caused by how you rehydrate after exercise. Experts say that athletes tend to consume more sports drinks than those who do not follow a workout routine. Sports drinks contain high levels of acids. These cause enamel to weaken and erode. If you follow a high-carb diet, know that it also stimulates the build-up of bacteria. Experts recommend that you drink water after workouts. If you feel your body really needs that extra energy from sports drink, gulp it; don’t sip it.

If You Experience Dry Mouth

The dry mouth you experience is not because you are breathing through the mouth. When you work out, your body stops producing saliva (causing bacteria build-up). Your spit is also more acidic, which may lead to enamel erosion. Keep your body hydrated. Drink water before working out and take periodic water breaks.

Remember that your oral health affects your over-all health. It is important that as you keep your daily exercise routine, you also observe your dental health. If the dental problems persist, visit your dentist immediately.

heli hiking

Heli Hiking: Things Every Adventurer Should Know

heli hikingBecause the holiday season is here, it is time to think of the different activities you can try to enjoy a vacation. You can go on hikes, take a camping trip or go heli hiking. Preparing for trips like this is easy if you’re alone, but if you’re bringing your family with you, you need thorough preparations.

Different From Hiking

When you go for a nature hiking trip, you need to walk uphill almost the entire day. Not everyone will enjoy this even if you do love the outdoors. If you feel you are not fit enough for such long haul hikes, then heli hiking is a viable option. Tordrillo, a base camp for exploring some of the most spectacular heli terrain in the world, says this is different from normal hiking where you walk from one point to another in groups. You will have to keep pace and reach certain destinations by lunch time or night fall. But, in heli hiking, it is very different.

What Heli Hiking is

Here, you can take a helicopter ride to the place where the actual walk begins. Then, you can hike together up to a point. The helicopter will be waiting to pick up those who need a break from the walk. You will be flown until the next point where you can begin hiking again. You can also sit at any point and take in the beauty of the scenery around. Because all hikes tend to get harder progressively, this is the best way for everyone to keep pace.

You Set the Pace

In heli hiking, you set the pace. You can just walk up to the first point and take a break from then on, too. If you think you’re physically fit, then you can push yourself to the limit and keep walking for the whole hike. It is entirely up to you and your stamina. Most people love this, even senior citizens. Parents with young children will also love this activity.

So, the next time you are not feeling very fit, do not for hikes. Instead, choose heli hikes and enjoy the nature at its best.


Expect the Unexpected in Character Pubs

pubThere was a time when people regarded pubs purely as drinking establishments where all the food were cold dishes meant as a side dish to the main thing: drinking. Pubs catered to the best of them, be they whiskies, beer or any other alcohol including ale, cider and wine.

In recent times, though, pubs have given way to character pub restaurants that serve not only good drinks, but also some delectable food. For people new to the concept of character pub restaurants, here is a look at what these places can offer you.

A Foodie’s Delight

Nowadays, The Barn clarifies, these pub restaurants bring out the best hard drink bottles and serve them with typical British food items such as pies, fish and chips, steak, pastries as well as hamburgers, lasagne and chips.

This way the character pub restaurants are not just a drinker’s delight, but also a foodie’s too. In fact, dining at the character pub restaurants is like eating in a regular eatery, for you get starters, main dishes and desserts as indicated in the menu.

Activities for Guests

Apart from just food and drink, character pub restaurants offer guests a bevy of activities to entertain your guests with. Expect folk nights, quiz evenings and game sessions for young and old at these outlets, making your food and drink more delightful.

Old World Ambience

Finally, character pub restaurants retain the charm and ambience of old world pubs that makes food and drink seem tastier.

Down a few drinks with some delectable fare and visit a character pub restaurant instead of drinking and eating at separate outlets. After all, getting everything under a single roof is always the best deal.

fleet management solutions

3 Benefits of Fleet Management Solutions

fleet management solutionsMonitoring your business is an important factor when making adjustments. Knowing how things go about help you understand what you need to do or not do, as well as if you have to add or take away something. This gives you more control of your company, including the operations and assets.

You can manage your business much easier if your assets are within reachable range. But what about company vehicles that are more on the road than in the office? This is when fleet management solutions come in. Tracking your fleet vehicles in real-time can cost you more if you’ll do it using two-way radios.

The contractors from Navman Wireless say that digital monitoring can save you time and money because it takes the guesswork out of vehicle location, job dispatching, job scheduling, and driver behaviour. This lets you know where your drivers really go, how much time they spend on the job and what speed they drive at. No more need for mobile or radio calls and paperwork, reducing work stress.

Improved Business Operation and Service

Through this digital solution, you can provide better routes for your fleet vehicles for a more efficient work. This helps you serve more customers whilst reducing fuel costs and vehicle maintenance, plus cut overtime hours. As business operations proceed much faster, you gain profit immediately.

Mobile Device-friendly

Operating fleet management solutions should not be too difficult. It can be easily installed in your computer and it is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Moreover, making a report is not that complicated because the software saves a history of the vehicle routes and trip details.

Better Customer Servicing

With these business benefits, you can enhance your customer service. They can appreciate more accurate ETAs and detailed invoices, leading to higher satisfaction. No matter what your business field may be, a fleet management solution is flexible to suit your needs. Part of this solution is to provide precise details on when to repair or maintain the fleet vehicles, making them function better.

With the emergence of modern technology, almost everything is possible. You can now manage your business more conveniently, enabling you to enhance every aspect of the company for better service.


The Trust Issue: Why Getting a Prenup is not an Insult

Prenup“Why do you want a prenup? Don’t you trust me!?”

Hands up if you have heard that before from an angry spouse-to-be. Throughout the country, it seems like there is a fundamental misunderstanding about the real purpose of a prenup, and people take it as an insult if you want one. They think that you have no trust in them or the marriage, and are actively planning to fail.

In truth, this is a ridiculous way of thinking. Do you plan to crash your car when you put on a seat belt, or want to get sick if you pay for health insurance? A prenup is simply a way to save both of you a lot of time, money, and heartache in case the unthinkable happens.

Still, that is not always enough to convince people. The following are several compelling reasons to get a prenup, even if you plan to be with your partner forever.

It is for both of you

A common misconception is that a prenuptial agreement only serves to protect one of the spouses. But firms like stress that courts will immediately throw out any agreement that is obviously unfair. This is also why each spouse needs to have their own counsel when drafting it, to prevent any outrageous demands or concessions.

There are all sorts of valid reasons to get a prenup, even when neither half is particularly rich. One partner could have significant debt, while the other has a spotless financial record. Perhaps they both plan to keep some important assets separate, and want to make sure that these stay in their possession no matter what. In these situations, a legal agreement is completely logical.

Everyone already has a prenup

This is something that every couple should understand. All marriages automatically come with a default prenup, and it’s called “the court”. By refusing to work things out beforehand, you are saying that you would rather leave the final say in the hands of the government, and fight over the details in a bitter and expensive battle.

Though we might like to pretend otherwise, the justice system is not perfect. Judges have limited information, and one of you may end up getting the short end of the stick. Why not make the important decisions now, when both of you are in a sound state of mind and genuinely care for each other’s well being?

You’re usually not the only one involved

Let’s say one of you has a business. What happens in the event of a divorce? Without a prenup, it might lead to the dissolution of the business, and dozens of people end up losing their jobs. Or maybe one of you has children from a previous marriage, whose inheritance might be put in jeopardy.

These are far from the only possible scenarios where a divorce affects lives other than the spouses, and it is not at all uncommon. Think carefully about just how many people depend on both of you, and what getting a divorce might do to them.

At the end of the day, a prenuptial agreement is a necessity for most marriages. Refusing to get one under any circumstances is a red flag.

Carburettor vs. Fuel Injection

Carburettor vs. Fuel Injection: Which is Better?

Carburettor vs. Fuel InjectionWhen it comes to engine and fuel systems, many car enthusiasts believe that is it best to stick with carburettors. The main reason for this is the affordability and simplicity of the components. Many drivers believe that fuel injection systems are very complicated, as it requires certain intake manifolds.

While it is true that basic fuel injection systems are relatively complex, some car enthusiasts are more comfortable with it. They think that this fuel system performs better and has greater engine capacity. It also results in higher power output because of lower emissions.

United Fuel Injection discusses the difference between carburettors and fuel injection systems.

The Carburettor

The carburettor has jets that push the gas in combustion chambers. The biggest issue with it is that it can’t monitor the air to fuel the ratio of each cylinder. Carburettors, on the other hand, last longer than fuel injection systems. This is the reason they are commonly used in motor sports and car competitions.

Compared to fuel inject systems, carburettors are also much easier to install. It doesn’t require return lines or electrical components to fuel the tank. It is also more affordable than injection systems.

The Fuel Injection System

This has become a popular choice for car enthusiasts who want the best engine performance. There are two types or versions of fuel injection systems: port and direct injection. Port fuel injection is the most widely used, while the direct fuel injection is the latest development. The direct fuel injection can release the right amount of fuel and air and inject it in the cylinder.

The fuel injection system helps achieve lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency. The only issue with these systems is that they are more expensive than a carburettor. Installing it is also a little more complicated, as it requires cylinder head configuration.

It is clear to see that fuel injection systems offer the most benefits when it comes to engine performance. They can be a little expensive, but they can help overcome steep grades and decrease vibration. Contact a reliable vehicle service centre to learn more about carburettors and fuel injection systems.

Price Monitoring

Earning a Fortune in Price Monitoring

Price MonitoringIn today’s competitive marketplace, you want to do everything to gain customers, and as a retailer, you want to maximize your sales. You can monitor your competitor’s prices as a solution to reach your sales targets.

In an e-commerce industry, it is essential that you can make important decisions on your pricing. As it will affect both your sales and profits, constantly monitoring the prices of your rivals can earn you a bigger margin. Retailers today use many web-scraping solutions to remain ahead in their business.

Some advantages why you need to monitor competitors’ prices:

An Overview of Price Comparison

Most consumers, especially online, make their purchasing decisions based largely on prices. They shortlist the items of their choice and compare the prices from different retailers. Therefore, knowing the pricing patterns of your rivals, you can tweak your own pricing structure so that you benefit from them.

Price comparison tools let you know the lowest and the highest prices offered for a particular product in the market. You can also see how this margin of difference plays a huge role on the purchasing habits of the consumers.

Marketing Research and Strategy

Besides pricing, these solutions can also provide you with other vital input so that you create a more effective marketing strategy. For instance, you may realize that even a minimal decrease in pricing can significantly increase your figures. This means that the volume more than offsets the small price reduction.

This kind of market research also helps understand the consumer better. Data you can get from these tools help make your pricing model distinct and unique, even though the costs appear similar.

While it is important to provide clients good value for their money, you also increase your profits if you can sell more volume at low cost. Since being competitive is at the very base of retailing, this kind of tracking will help you stay ahead of the field by crushing the pricing strategy of the competition.