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Optical Mounts

Optical Mounts and Laser Technologies: Improving Instruments’ Precision

Optical MountsOptical mounts are like the backbone of laser systems. Manufacturers are able to produce high-performance laser-based equipment because of the development of such. Because of this, tools and instruments that use laser systems have become more precise and reliable, that they are able to improve operations across various industries.

The need for tools that offer greater precision at reduced costs has become more important than ever, given the rising demand in various industries across the globe. For instance, in microelectronics, the need is caused by the packaged circuitry trend. In the display industry, the demand for high precision, low cost-tools stem from the increasing popularity of brighter-higher resolution displays that use just a small amount of energy for televisions, smartphones, and tablets.

The Role of Technology and Optical Mounts

Laser technologies enable those in the manufacturing sector to supply the high-precision tools and instruments needed by other industries. For instance, lasers are used to create small holes in circuits to allow miniaturized, advanced circuit packages. They also cut durable glass for touch screen displays.

Manufacturers also use laser systems in actual tools, especially in the field of medicine. Experts from Laser Tools Co. Inc. say that most biomedical equipment employs laser detection techniques. This is evident in flow cytometers, which are used in conducting blood tests; in confocal and multiphoton microscopes in analysing and researching; lab systems in DNA sequencing.

Optical mounts play a major role in enhanced applications because they have greater long-term pointing stability despite ambient temperature variations or mechanical shock. They are critical in sustaining system alignment, which makes laser-based processes and detection methods more efficient.

Methods for Mounting

Laser optical products are usually held in mount by either adhesive or some mechanical method. Mechanical means are more beneficial because users can easily detach a component for cleaning or replacement. Adhesives also decrease in size, which increase stress during curing.

For mechanical methods, users must remember that the optic must be completely secure so that it will not move around in the mount. It’s also important to reduce mechanical stress as this would distort the optic and compromise wavefront performance.

Optical mounts and laser technologies have become a necessity in various industries as they offer greater precision for different applications.

towing truck service

A Tow Service Number in Your Phone Could Save Your Life

towing truck serviceImagine driving along a deserted highway on your way, when all of a sudden, the car starts coughing and the ride becomes bumpy. It stops. You’re in the middle of your journey home and not one car has passed you since. It is a moment you will never forget, no matter how hard you try.

This is when emergency breakdown service becomes critically important. It’s only wise to have a number of a towing service in handy because you never know when your vehicle is going to throw a fit and stop at the most inopportune place.

Leaving it Up to Chance

When it comes to cars, nothing should be left to chance. If the check engine light turned on whilst you’re driving, bring it to your auto repair shop to sort the problem. At times, funds are short and you can’t afford to go to the shop just yet. In situations like this, don’t take another chance just after taking once. Have a number of a reliable tow service company to guarantee that if your car has had it, you won’t be stuck for long.

Breakdowns are not the Only Things That Can Stop Your Car

Towing services are especially helpful for recovering bogged vehicles in bush lands or forests. In addition, when you have been in a car collision, one of the first things you should do is call a tow company and have them pull your vehicle from the wreck to the auto body shop. These services are essential, as any car owner will tell you.

Do not wait for your car to break down before having a tow service number in your phone. You’re only helping yourself when you’re stuck and you need to call someone to get you and your automobile out of that situation. Be sure you are prepared for everything before you take the road.

Selfies at Funerals

Selfies at Funerals?

SelfiesRembrandt and Van Gogh had their self-portraits. Artistic endeavors like these are valued and glorified; there were no cameras before, which was why the importance of posterity is greatly upheld.

The 21st century has its own version of self-portraits called selfies. Taking selfies, as believed by many, takes vanity and self-importance to the next level. In all its essence, taking a selfie is alright, but there are occasions when this way of documenting is in bad taste. This is especially true when it comes to funerals.

A Tumblr blog dedicated to collecting funeral selfies simply shows how some people misapply their technological advantage (e.g., digital camera, smartphone) to situations considered solemn. This article explores the other dimensions of this activity in the wrong occasion.

Again, It’s Not Fine

Etiquette experts say (and reinforce) that taking selfies at funerals is disrespectful and inappropriate. Selfies are usually associated with optimistic emotions and fun activities. People at parties take selfie. If you feel like you’re beautiful today, you’ll take a snap of yourself. When you’re on a Bahamas holiday, you’ll probably take a selfie. It’s common sense that funerals don’t fall under any of these categories. Taking a selfie inside a church or interment area subtly trivializes the significance of the ceremony.

Some Exceptions

There are a few cases when selfies at funerals are acceptable. Lindquist Mortuaries/Cemeteries says there are some religions or cultures whose funeral services are quite celebratory. If you attend one of these services, it’ll be fine to snap a selfie or two. After the service, the family may take pictures, especially if there are relatives whom they haven’ seen for many years. A selfie is probably alright at this time.

Modernization has changed the ways we mourn. And selfies have undeniably become part of them. Regardless, you need to keep in mind that things like selfie are supposed to be done in the right place and at the right time.

Why Bigger Businesses Will Benefit from Insurance Brokers

stockimages@freedigitalphotos.netThe year 2014 has been an interesting year for the Australian economy, particularly New South Wales. With an impressive Q4 performance, NSW has once again secured the title of Australia’s top performing state in 2014. Businesses in Sydney have enjoyed from the robust performance and are expected to grow and benefit from the economic upturn.

With so much money coming in, some businesses may be thinking of expanding their range of activities, but fail to realise that their insurance needs to morph and adjust as well. Normally, an off the shelf insurance will do for small businesses, but for those thinking of expanding, working with an insurance broker is the best course of action.

They Know the Landscape

Seasoned insurance brokers understand the business landscape and they are in the best position to calculate and determine potential risks and liabilities. They also know the state of the market in which your business operates, which makes them infinitely better than settling with simple insurance packages. These people know the ins and outs of the business and can help you navigate the landscape better.

They Can Mix and Match

Insurance brokers have access to different insurance policies and, because they deal with a range of insurance companies directly, sometimes they have access to policies that are not available to most clients. Because there are so many options, it can be quite difficult to choose the right policy. Some insurance policies can be complicated, and an insurance broker can help you understand the details of a policy.

They Reach Farther

Brokers, particularly those that can harness a national network, can make a difference when businesses go “cross-jurisdictional”. Risk complexities and statutory requirements change when moving into new markets. A broker with access to and knowledge of different marketplaces will make a difference.

Business owners need to understand that growth demands change and this includes a change in their insurance policy. The best way they can make sure their policies adapt to their new range of activities is by working with someone who can navigate the landscape, provide options, and broaden their reach, in short, an insurance broker.

Newbie Snowboarder

For the Newbie Snowboarders: 4 Tips to Live By

Newbie SnowboarderSnowboarding may be thrilling, but it requires some skill before surfing through the powder smoothly. So for those who are just starting out, progression is important. And the best way to speed up your progress is by following these tips:

Wear the Right Gear

Protective gear isn’t there only to keep you safe; it’s there to help you learn faster. On your first few days of boarding, chances are you would fall again and again. Over time, your backsides would hurt – that is, if you don’t have a pair of lacrosse shorts and wrist guards. At least with protective gear, the stumbles wouldn’t matter much, which means you can ride for longer periods of time.

Stick to the Powder

As much as possible, don’t venture into areas with boilerplate – or hard, icy – conditions. You have to progress your riding skill gradually. Follow the powder all the time. This doesn’t mean you should follow where everyone else is going, though. As long as you spot some powder, you can direct your board there. On untracked snow, the possibilities are endless – which means you get to adjust to new types of terrain more quickly.

Practice Shifting Your Weight

You should master the art of shifting your weight while riding. This means that every time you turn around a hill, you have to emphasize the way you rotate your body and position your feet.

Practicing this doesn’t require you to be in the mountains each time you try it. As a matter of fact, you can try it at home. Once you buy your own Burton snowboard and boots to go with it, you can take your board out to try it.

Just ride the board and try to remember the proper way of shifting your weight towards a certain direction. Remember: the trick is to understand your board’s flex and balance points.

Depend on Your Eyes

Always know where you’re going. Use your eyes to do this. When you see the bends and the hills, your body becomes ready to adjust accordingly. Hold your head high, relax your shoulders, and look forward. The direction where you look translates to how well your heels, toes, and legs shift your body weight.

With these tips, your skill will progress in no time. Soon enough, you’ll be riding like a pro.

Driveway Design

Driving Someone Crazy: Not, With These Driveway Ideas

Driveway DesignLandscaped homes have immense aesthetic appeal, which boosts the value of the home as well, and an important aspect of landscaping your property is having an attractive driveway built. The driveway frames the front of your home, and is one of the first things a visitor sees when they come to your home.

People now prefer trendy and designed driveways to the simple paths that most old homes have. In Kent, popular driveways among the new generation include:

• Driveways lined with plants or ornamental grasses.

This adds to the curb appeal of your home. Flowering plants and grass along the length of your driveway makes the path look welcoming and homely. The greenery also reduces the harshness of the appearance of the driveway.

• Differently designed driveways.

Gone are the days when people preferred hammerhead shaped driveways. People now prefer driveways that appear similar to courtyards, which while harder to use, are much more aesthetically pleasing.

• Driveways built with different materials.

Classic asphalt, gravel, concrete, brick and even cobblestones can build attractive driveways. You can add special finishing touches to make your driveway appear more personalised and appealing.

• Lighting options along the length of the driveway.

Installing spotlights, deck lights or diffused lighting along the length of the driveway makes your driveway look attractive and welcoming, even in the dark. The lights are also a good safety measure. Lighting also makes for good designing, as it could highlight (or hide) design elements, lending subtlety to the entire set-up.

• Adding design elements to add to the appeal of the driveway.

You can install various elements alongside your driveway to make it appear less harsh. These include driveway gates, edgings, entry aprons, etc.

For people planning to have their driveway rebuilt or renovated, consult with a professional who specialises in building driveways to know your options, or even a landscaping company. Rebuilding your driveway can completely alter the appearance of your home and make it appear more attractive, making you the envy of the community.

POS system

Why a Lack of a POS System = Lost Money

POS systemPoint of Sale (POS) is an essential system that industries such as retail, hospitality, and accounting rely heavily on. As profit is the bottom line in business, it is important to use all tools available to you to this end.

Says, the retailing industry is one of the most dominant users of POS terminals. Here are reasons as to why not having a POS system makes your retail business lose money:

Time is Money

Every businessman knows this age-old adage. And it is indeed true. The more time you spend trying to balance your stability sheet and the shop doorway, the less time you have to make money. Automation is more accurate and, more importantly, much quicker.

Stock Pilferage

A good percentage of retail business stock shrinkage comes from pilferage. When you have a POS method, you can curb retail pilferage right at its roots by being privy to suspicious stock numbers.

Customer Service

No matter how loyal you think your customers are, you can always lose them. Customer loyalty is fleeting. Give them a reason to stay with you. Apart from your products, the best service you can give them is fast service. You can achieve this through quick checkouts with an efficient POS.


It is hard to keep track of which products are practically flying off the shelves. With an effective POS system, you can keep track of which items you have in stock that your customers are actually buying.

Profit Margins

POS software gives retailers the ability to quickly determine which products sell the quickest as well as at which price point.

Have you ever heard the sound of a retail business without a full-blown POS system? It is the sound of that same business losing money. With an efficient and dependable POS system, you can ensure that you do not waste your chances of making a profit.


Finding Mr. Roof: The Right Roofing Contractor

RoofingWhether you merely replace a few tiles in your roof or overhauling it completely, the material cost is minimal. What makes up a significant portion of the total expense is the labour cost, which is why you should be careful to get nothing but the most skilled labour for the job.

As simple as this sounds, finding a good roofer among the many available is a confusing task simply because of their sheer number.

The following are tips to find your perfecting roofing companion, as composed by Bower Roofing:

1. Know Where to Look For

Use the Internet and the knowledge of your friends and family to know about the good roofing contractors in your area. Read customer feedback when searching on the web as this will give you a good insight into how skilled the roofer is. Take the time to call the references so you would have first-hand knowledge of the experience of their workers.

2. Know What to Look For

Apart from their expertise and experience levels, there are some other qualities that you must look for in a roofer before hiring one. These include roofing licence (or a Building Practitioner licence) and their warranties.

Consider, as well, if the contractor is willing to work based on a written contract, or if they ask for full payment upfront. A contractor who does not want a written contract and demands immediate payment is not worth hiring at all.

3. Know When to Say No

It also pays to be careful when dealing with the roofing contractors to get your money’s worth. This involves the following:

  • Not paying in cash.
  • Paying only and if the job satisfies you.
  • Not rushing into repairs or replacements just because the contractor pushes you to do so.

Do your due diligence when looking for a roofer with the above-mentioned qualities. Labour spent in roofing is indeed expensive, but spending it on a good contractor is money well spent.

Watching TV

The Clockwork TV: Why Everything Revolves Around the Television

Watching TVEnter the living room of Filipino households and you will notice that they have one thing in common: EVERYTHING revolves around the TV.Take a glance at how people decorate their living rooms and you’ll see that they place all other things around the television.

Filipinos, after all, spend their days perennially glued to their TVs.

Jumpstarting the Day

Right from the very moment we wake up, we’ve got early morning shows to perk us up as we get ready for the daily grind. It’s the perfect pick me up before braving the daily commute around the metro.

Accompanying You at Lunchtime

Being Filipino, no lunch would be complete unless the entire familysits down at the table watching shows such as Eat Bulaga while enjoying mom’s cooking.Truly, no Filipino lunch would be complete without constant companions such as Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon.

Coming Home

Nothing beats coming to a home cooked meal after a long day at work. And again, it would not be complete unless you’ve got your eyes set on the TV to catch all the latest happenings in and around the metro.

If there’s a basketball game on, sipping on tangy pork broth becomes even more delectable with all the jeering and cheering.

Chillaxing at the Sofa

Afterwards, it’s time to relax and put your feet up as you catch up on the “lives” of your favorite Telenovela characters. Of course, the viewing experience is amped up even more if you’ve got a nice Smart TV to watch your shows on.

Calling it a Night

And no day would be complete unless you catch up with the rest of the world by watching the evening news. And as we hit the hay to get our 8 hours’ worth of sleep, we know full well that we can expect pretty much the same thing tomorrow.

With the amount of time that each Pinoy spends in front of the TV, is it any wonder then that the top local channels refer to their viewers the way that they do (Kapamilya, Kapuso, Kapatid)?


The Pot of Electrical Engineers: The Potentiometer

PotentiometerPotentiometers or ‘pots’ as engineers call them colloquially are electronic components used to measure position changes in a circuit using electrical resistance. Having versatile use, these devices measure the flow of electricity through a circuit and use that information to indicate absolute displacement.

With a wide array of applications in home and industries, different types of potentiometers are in use today, such as linear and logarithmic.

How Potentiometers Work

Materials notwithstanding, potentiometers function when their control moves, the contacts in a potentiometer either separates or presses them together.

Potentiometers comprise of a resistive strip of material. It is between the terminals of this strip that electricity flows. The more the distance between the terminals, the more the resistance will be and vice-versa. Thus, the higher the resistance, the greater the displacement.

Features of Potentiometers

Some typical features of potentiometers are:

• Their sensors vary in dimensions.
• They have a variable total resistance.
• The electrical output signals can be analog, digital or an alarm.
• The resistive elements could be carbon, wire wound, ceramic metals or cermets, or conductive plastic.

Applications of Potentiometers

Potentiometers find a wide application around the house, and manufacturers of linear and rotational potentiometers market their products for a variety of fields.

• Potentiometers are essential components in volume control, frequency and other audio signals in audio equipment.
• Likewise, potentiometers control brightness, color response and contrast in an analog television set.
• Used in DC motors to control and measure the speed as well as the angle of motion.
• Part of displacement transducers as they can give a large output signal.
• Component of older, analog computers to set the initial conditions for calculations.
• For more domestic uses, as pieces to control lights and other electronic devices in homes and cars.

In addition, potentiometers are also in farm, marine, medical, heavy industry and robotics settings for varied purposes. A potentiometer has a myriad of potential applications in the world today!