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store foot traffic

Four Tips to Boost Your Store’s Foot Traffic

store foot trafficIn spite of the growing trend of online shopping, many brick-and-mortar stores still enjoy one important advantage over their Internet competitors. This is the opportunity to build strong relationships, creating loyal customers, raving fans, if you will. Considering the convenience that online shops offer, brick-and-mortar stores, however, still need to double their efforts to boost foot traffic and attract sales.

Organize a sale

Creating a sense of urgency is an effective way to get customers to visit stores personally. There’s nothing like the attraction of purchasing something at a lesser cost. The lure is even stronger if the discounted item is available for a limited time only; this is evident in the increase in long lines, and people waiting in those lines to buy their product. Be sure to have an effective plan to manage this increase in store traffic or else you can have dissatisfied customers.

Launch promotional events

Your business may have been in operation for quite some time but it doesn’t mean you can’t have reasons to celebrate and attract foot traffic. Promotional events such as raffles, author signing, etc. are sure-fire attention drawers. Regardless of the event you host, make sure that it builds anticipation and creates excitement. Otherwise, people would just turn their backs and walk away.

Host a seminar

Increasing foot traffic doesn’t have to mean that your efforts should be directed toward selling a product or service. Consumers appreciate it when businesses offer things that are not sales-oriented. This is why many stores would tie-in with professional event organizers to conduct informative seminars and workshops.

Place online advertisement

While many people use the Internet to shop, a good number of users go online in order to find a local store. Local search engines even help brick-and-mortar stores to target their customers. This gives you the opportunity to provide your business with wider exposure and increase foot traffic. While you’re at it, don’t forget to harness the power of social media.

Driving foot traffic is an important part of running a brick-and-mortar store. With creativity and careful planning, you can easily boost your store’s foot traffic.


Loving Your UTV: A Simple Guide to Proper Maintenance

UTVWhat do you get when you cross a muscle car with compactness? You end up having a UTV. A UTV, or Utility Task Vehicle, is also known as a type of an off-road vehicle. As such, it is not surprising to find a UTV sporting bigger side by side wheels that have deeper treads.

Because UTVs are typically used in rough terrains, they tend to be more prone to breakdown if not taken care of properly. That is why, companies like VLS Performance, a leader in off road side by side industry, recommend the following:

1. Check the air filter.

UTVs are exposed to different roads, some of which could blow up tons of dust toward your air ducts. If these dust particles accumulate, your vehicle would have a hard time circulating air. This would make it doubly hard for your engine to breathe and lose heat. Fortunately, changing the air filter is not that complex, as there are disposable paper filters now available in the market.

2. Don’t forget the oil filter.

It is the oil filter that keeps contaminants from getting into various parts of the engine. If the oil becomes contaminated and particles build up and clog the filter, your engine might feel sluggish and you might not be able to reach the speed you need. So, make sure you check the oil level as well as the filter during the end and the beginning of the season. Also, check on these if you have used your UTV on a muddy or flooded road.

3. Maintain correct tire pressure.

If you want your UTV to be able to manage all types of terrain all the time, you have to keep proper tire pressure. Too much pressure and you would have a worn out tire in no time. Too little, on the other hand, could cause your hubcap to become dented.

Now, while these tips are great to keep in mind all the time, you also need to consider the season. For example, when the snow starts setting in, you might need to switch oils for better performance.

The Financial Rewards of Building a Granny Flat

Rewards Granny FlatsThose who live in dynamic and opulent cities with a thriving real estate market, such as Perth, usually resort to fixer-upper methods to increase the value of their property. If you’re not afraid of investing a good sum of money in real estate improvements, you can always go beyond revamping the landscaping of your property or changing the sidings of your home.

One of the options that have ROI is building a granny flat. Perth has a wealth of reliable builders you can work with to own one. A granny flat doesn’t just provide an additional space in your property. It offers a lot of financial rewards; just make sure you’re building something with the right features.

The Rewards

The first profit-generation option will be leasing or renting the granny flat. Letting someone live there in exchange for rent may give you an extra $200 per week. Also, an additional box of space right behind your home may increase the resale value of the entire property.

Features to Have

If you’re building a granny flat for financial yields, you have to include features that are worth paying for. If you’re targeting families, it will be attractive to your prospects if you offer them a flat with at least 2 bedrooms. You may also incorporate double-glazed windows and other energy-efficient features. On your end, you may build the home on a specific type of foundation that will allow you to move the structure if you’re planning to transfer it to another property.

Some Reminders

Keep in mind that residential properties are generally allowed to build only one granny flat. They shouldn’t be built on commercial lots. More importantly, they should have an isolated pedestrian access.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you’re building a granny flat to increase financial yields. Consult your builders to find out which features are appropriate.


The Rules of Minimalism in Website Navigation

Minimal WebsiteIn the online world, having to go through menus and submenus has always been a web visitor’s pet peeve. You may be busy making your online pages elaborate to realize it, but an overdone website can cause customers to leave.

Online customers are easily distracted and have short patience, so the best you can do is to streamline the design of the website. Industry expert Benson Media says a designer should prioritize navigation.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Minimize Clicks

Many web designers and developers make the mistake of creating a layout that prompts users to click more than once. The unwritten rule here is to make the pages accessible through three clicks. If a designer can make it less than three, the more efficient the website will be.


Categories and site maps are an online user’s compass when navigating your website. Categories and site maps show how organized your website is. There should be tags that will allow guests to visit new pages or go back to previously visited ones.

Make It Predictable

Make all the navigation elements predictable. This means placing the most important links in spots that are easy to see. To maximize usability, you can put the logo on the top left and add the menu set in a horizontal bar. In case your website has more pages, set the menu vertically.

Add a Search Bar

A search bar is important in websites that have more pages than a usual website. This is ideal for sites that specialize in retail or those that provide large amounts of information.

Keep your customers in mind when building a website. Making it more accessible through a smart navigation system will keep them coming back.


Audio-Visual Systems: Why It’s the Perfect Collaboration Solution

Audio-Visual and Collaboration SystemEffective communication is one of the key components of running a successful business. To consistently remain at the top of the game, your staff needs to communicate well to get more work finished, with minimal resources and half the time needed.

Therefore, organizations need to provide employees with the proper audio and video equipment necessary so they can communicate more efficiently and work better as a team.

Advantages of Audio-Visual and Collaboration Systems

  • According to, the correct audio-visual gear can help organizations provide services that are more efficient to their clients. The simple fact that you or the managers can communicate with employees in a streamlined manner can really mean a big difference to improving your daily operations. This, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • An all in one audio, video, and internet conferencing application for instance, can provide organizations with reduced costs of communication, minimal travel expenses, and quicker decision making. This also saves the company some basic IT and maintenance fees; it helps the company lower their carbon footprint as well.
  • It brings individuals together using VOIP and PSTN networks conveniently. So much so that they do not need to worry about having to switch to a different network just to comply with the communications environment.

Mobile Support

A key driving factor that can enhance internal and external communication within an organization is mobility. It is, therefore, crucial to adopt a hybrid conferencing system that staff members can conveniently access from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

While it is true that nothing can really replace face-to-face communications, video conferencing through an integrated hybrid solution is the next best option for organizations. These devices and collaboration systems can make the members communicate more efficiently, act appropriately in the least amount of time, and truly work as a team.

removal furniture

Five Advantages of Using Excellent Furniture Mover Companies

removal furnitureMoving to a new place is stressful enough. Having a new job in a new neighbourhood would involve being a new you. On top of that, the agony of moving all your stuff from your old place to your new one.

If you do not like to suffer through the worry of whether or not your stuff is win good hands during a move, trust only in the services offered by reputable furniture movers in Perth. Here are five good reasons for you to do so:


Hiring a good furniture moving company allows you to sit back and relax while the movers do all of the heavy lifting. Working with a moving company offers unmatched convenience because they have the expertise to move your stuff safely, timely, and efficiently.

Customer Service

One thing that you can rely on with professional movers is their great customer service. You get to track the whereabouts of the truck used in the move via sophisticated fleet tracking systems. Their customer service team should be more than willing to provide you with answers to all your concerns.


Another benefit that you can get is the high degree of professionalism when you hire a trustworthy moving company. You can rely on their workers to be on time as well as be careful and discrete about your personal items. They know how to pack furniture pieces efficiently. Moreover, they have the necessary insurance coverage to give you compensation should something get lost or damaged during the move.


Professional moving companies offer moving packages that fit right into your budget. You can rest assured that costs are in accordance with moving requirements so you will get the best value for your money.

Organised Approach

You can rely on professional movers to have an organised method. You can retrieve them quickly and efficiently as they arrive at your new place. They may even provide you with a comprehensive list of stored items to match the list that you have.

Say Goodbye to Contamination: Keeping Water Clean at Home

Drinking WaterRegardless of where your water comes from, there is always a risk of contamination. With the potential danger of contaminated water, many households in Sydney invest in filtration systems. You can use different methods to keep your water clean and safe from harmful organisms.

Providing Clean, Safe Water for Your Home

Water filtration may undergo either a physical or a chemical process—boiling water or making use of carbon filters are just two of the most common ways to do this. As most water filtration systems come with simple designs, you can create your own water filter without needing a plumber.

Experts on Sydney water filters recommend the following tips on installing your own filtration system:

1. Prepare the materials

A gravity-fed system is the easiest type of water filtration system to make. To create this, you need a lid, a ceramic pot, a receptacle tank, and a spigot. The lid should match the receptacle tank. Make sure that your ceramic pot doesn’t have any cracks, as these can serve as an entryway for microorganisms. The pot should also be unglazed, so water can easily seep through it.

2. Complete the design for your filtration system

Fill the ceramic pot with water and check how fast it seeps out. If the water drains in less than three hours, you need to use a different pot to reduce the rate of flow. Once you have filled the pot with water, put it inside the receptacle tank. Attach the spigot on the side and then use the lid to cover and secure the tank from contamination.

What you have just constructed is called the Rabbit Ceramic Filter Design. While this serves as an effective solution to filter water, you need to clean the system regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. As what they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

car title loan

Car Title Loans – Funding Maintenance of Your Vehicle

car title loanCars, like most durable goods, have a finite lifespan. With maintenance and regular servicing, though, they can last a long time. Finding a good and reliable place in West Valley City to get your vehicle serviced at is fairly easy considering how there are so many ways to get one, but it is financing that is often the problem.

For those who do not have the money to get their car fixed, the best solution might come in the form of a car title loan. West Valley City has several lenders you might want to reach out to. The following is a discussion on what you need to know:

• Affordability: Check your monthly budget, and calculate how much you can dedicate to making repayments. Remember that your car will serve as collateral, so it is important to make sure not to lose it—getting it fixed is pointless if you will fall behind on payments and lose it anyway.
• Additional Expenses: Title loan payments are not the only item to factor in when budgeting – insurance and other costs also play a role, too.
• Loan duration: Try to look for a lender with flexible payment options. There are some that allow you to choose from a preselected number of plans so that you can find something you are comfortable with.

A few other things to keep in mind when applying for a car title loan in West Valley City include going to a reputable company for the loan. Getting preapproved makes it easier to get a vehicle fast.

For those who have bad credit, it becomes even more important to stay current with payments. Missing even one payment could have adverse consequences in the form of losing the vehicle and also taking a hit on your credit ratings. Always think things through before taking action because although you maintain ownership of your car, failure to make payments will result in it getting taken away immediately.

optimize landing pages

Enhance your Landing Pages in 5 Easy Ways

optimize landing pagesA website’s landing page is usually the first thing that visitors see when they visit a website. This is why your landing page needs to be effective in capturing leads and introducing your products and services. Be the relentless maverick in the industry that would incorporate their brand in every opportunity.

To increase your business, here are ten tips for a more efficient landing page:

1. Know your clients.

To create a more efficient landing page, it is essential to know who your clients are, what they want and what they expect. This would help you in customizing your page according to their needs and preferences.

2. Make relevant and easy-to-read content.

SEO specialists in San Diego like believe that your landing page should be simple, so that first time visitors can easily read and understand the contents. Provide them with relevant content, making them realize that you’re the go-to source when it comes to digital solutions, for instance.

3. Place a headline.

In the changing digital landscape, engaging your audience is one key aspect to prosper. You can start by placing catchy headlines for your content. Don’t allow your customers to get bored and eventually turn to your competitors.

4. Tell them directly what to do.

Never forget to place a Call to Action, so your clients would not guess what you want them to do. Make sure that your message matches your headline or sub-headline. This would help in establishing your credible brand and associate it with the service or product.

5. Get mobile-friendly optimization.

As most users now surf the Web through tablets and mobile phones, it is best to adjust your site, incorporating mobile-friendly apps. This can help in widening your market reach and spreading your brand of service. Include social share buttons for Facebook and Twitter, allowing your services to reach other social media users.

Focus on your planning techniques, so there would be no costly rework. Boost your brand and online presence to target and retarget your audience.

When planning your landing page, make sure to work towards your business goals and your target market’s preferences. This would help you in tailoring your services to fit their needs and requirements. Work towards your customers’ satisfaction — which indicates the success of your business.


Beat the Stress Out of College Applications

applicationThere’s a lot of pressure in dealing with college applications. It’s like a test, and knowing how to correctly submit the requirements will help relieve some of the stress that comes with senior year. A little planning and organization will go a long way to make the process that seems complicated become easier to achieve. offers insights on college application and beating the stress associated with them:

Beat the Deadline

Know which schools you want to apply to so you could start the process early. This will help you collect important information regarding the universities. Set deadlines for collecting recommendation letters, completing essays, and filling up forms. The earlier you start, the less stressful the process is.

Check and Double Check

Careless mistakes will only hurt the chances of your application. After finishing the forms, put it on hold for a day and check it over and over again before passing it. If possible, have a teacher or colleague proofread them as well.

Submit Only Once

Prevent the worrywart in you to send in multiple applications just to be sure. This may hurt your chances because it is unprofessional. Decide whether you are going to apply online or mail in your application. You’ll get an automated response if your online application has been received. If not, contact the university’s admission office to check.

Keep Your Own Copies

Document your applications to every college to save you from trouble if the need arises. Save passwords, cancelled checks, personal identification numbers, emails, and notes from admission officers.

Get Confirmation

Don’t forget to put a stamped postcard for your mail applications to receive a confirmation from the admission office that your materials have arrived. Allow a couple of weeks for the confirmation cards to reach you.

Now that you’ve carefully planned and executed your applications, it’s time to begin the waiting game. All you can do is keep hoping for the best. So long as you did it properly, you don’t have to regret anything no matter what.