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How Much Money Doctors Spend on Insurance

DoctorsSimilar to other people, doctors need insurance for homes and vehicles. Unlike other people, however, their insurance expense is often considerably for medical malpractice policies.

Most states require physicians to have malpractice insurance to practice medicine. In the Sunshine State, for instance, the law states that doctors must carry $100,000 in malpractice insurance to practice medicine. To have hospital staff privileges, they must carry at least $250,000 in Florida medical malpractice insurance.

There is a loophole in this law, however. As an alternative, doctors can use other pre-arranged secured assets to cover claims in the same amount, such as trust accounts and bank letters of credit.

Variation in Premium Rates

Certain specialties are considered as higher risks because they possess higher probabilities for patients to have complications, or because they deal with more serious illnesses or injuries. In this case, it is beneficial to be physician group member, as insurance companies often let them negotiate for better rates.

Insurance premiums can also rise or fall depending on the income the insurance companies make from their investments. In a weak economy, however, these premiums normally rise higher.

Effect of Specialties on Premiums

Emergency medicine, along with obstetrics and gynecology, are a few of the number of specialties with premiums that tend to be higher than average.

In fact, of the doctors insured by a major company who faced a claim for malpractice between 1999 and 2005, 19.1 percent were neurosurgeons and 18.9 percent were thoracic-cardiovascular surgeons, while 5.2 percent were family physicians.

Spending of Malpractice Premium

According to a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, doctors spend 10 cents on malpractice insurance from a dollar a patient pays for health care. Premiums vary from $20,000 in low-cost states to $200,000 in high-cost states annually.

A survey published in November 2011 in Modern Medicine stated that family and general practitioners paid $12,100 premiums, pediatricians paid $11,800, OB-GYNs paid $46,400 on average, while plastic surgeons paid median premiums of $30,000 on average.

car rental

Travelling Around Perth: A Guide for First-Time Tourists

car rentalThey say Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. But, for an isolated place, it is very accessible. You can visit Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Fraser Avenue Lookout, Swan River, Scarborough Beach, and other famous sights and landmarks in Perth via public or private transport, biking or even walking. While locals are familiar about their numerous options, tourists may need a little help.

Why Plan Ahead?

When travelling to a foreign land, one of the most important considerations is the transportation. Getting from one place to another could be a problem for tourists if they do not research about their options, transportation schedules, and how much they need to prepare for travel fees and charges.

If you have specific itineraries and you are keen on visiting all the places on your list within your own timetable, Aries Car Rental says transportation and budget should be among your priorities. Having maps and taking advantage of your GPS navigation applications on your mobile phones can really help you while on tour. You can have the exact distance that you need to travel from Point A to Point B and you can assess whether to get there by foot or a taxi. Knowing your options can help you save time, energy and money.

Going Around Perth

You have several travel options in Perth. The city has a very reliable public transportation service. You can purchase your card and plan your journey by choosing either bus, train or ferry to get to your chosen destination by simply visiting their website. You can also go for taxis or car rentals for more convenience.

But, if you are planning to visit places outside the central business district, take note that during off-peak hours, you may find it harder to catch a bus. You may want to look for affordable car hire services instead of taking the public transportation.


Of Travels and Thrills: Which Type of Adventurer are You?

AdventurePeople who love adventures are often the happiest people in the world. This is not some kind of hasty statement or bias; there is research to actually back this up. Experts say that thrill-seekers are more creative, assertive, and self-confident. They show a different kind of aura because they are more likely to maintain positive feelings.

There are many kinds of adventures out there, and there are several types of adventurers just the same. Each person has their own way of enjoying life and exploring the world. If you are always up for an adventure, chances are you will fall into one these classic types of adventurers:

1. Adrenaline junkie

These are the most common types of adventurers. The adrenaline junkie always craves for that exhilarating rush and enjoys places like Colorado where there are tons of options for extreme adventure activities. If this is you, you likely enjoy canyoneering, ATV riding, bungee jumping or sky diving. Chances are you will also love white water rafting in Colorado Springs. There is no such thing as high-risk activity for you—there is no fear, only fun.

2. Culture enthusiast

For this kind of adventurer, the most important thing in travel is the history of the place and the people in it. The atlas is your best friend, and you are thirsty for knowledge. You want to know the meanings and stories behind every name, statue and symbol of a particular city, and the traditions and customs you come across.

3. Wildlife lover

It is not enough to explore the world;wildlife lovers say you ought to have a meaningful experience with nature and the animals. These adventurers consider the jungles as their sanctuary and always carry a camera when setting out on adventures.

These are just three of the many types of adventurers out there, and chances are you have probably encountered such people if it does not describe you.The world is full of adventures, and the opportunities are all yours for the taking.

Modernize Your Business

3 Simple Ways to Modernize Your Business

Modernize Your BusinessThese days, a typical office is definitely not what it used to be. There is no whizzing fax machine, paper may even be non-existent, and presentations are more than just images projected on the wall. Additionally data sharing, communicating, and even management have become swifter and, well, digitalized.

The digital revolution also makes small start-ups almost on equal footing with the big brands. But if you are totally clueless about the new technology, the question is: How do I bring the office to the 21st century? Here are some options.

Ever heard of cloud solutions? In simple terms, a cloud solution enables you to consolidate your applications, data base, and content among other things from your laptop, desktop, servers and even your phone and tablet. This is best for small businesses as it eliminates much of the work of consolidating several aspects of your business. For example, cloud solutions will enable you to store your work in your server even if you are in another country. That same work can be seen by your staff at the same time even, if they are in another part of the globe.

Benefit from applications and new software. It is now easier to educate, train, and more importantly manage businesses by means of technology. This can be done by utilizing particular software, such as project management software that takes care some of your tasks, calendars, and communications.

Load Spring also recommends getting the primavera risk analysis training, which you could use for analyzing the state of the business, the risks and contingencies that may come ahead. Project management and primavera risk analysis training are just two systems that will definitely bring your office to the digital age.

Lastly, simply create a website. A website, of course, will enable your company to build a strong online presence. It will provide your clients easy access to information about your services. In fact, armed with a website, you can disseminate information through social networking sites and other platforms. Not only that, you will be able to receive feedback almost instantly from the clients themselves.

It’s important to know the new tools that will streamline your operations and improve your productivity. Bring your business to the new century and toward a more profitable future.

BYO restaurants

Why Should You go to a BYO

BYO restaurantsOne of the surest signs that a person is moving into their forties is when they start going to potluck parties. For people unfamiliar with this kind of gathering, it’s an event where each guest brings their own dish, and everyone gets to share in the feast that’s gathered. It’s one of those things that most young people seem allergic to, but in the true millennium fashion, they took something they didn’t like and made it their own.

For any person over twenty-seven, the concept of a BYO restaurant can be just as perplexing as potluck would be to anyone under that age. BYO stands for ‘bring your own’; the item to be brought can be anything depending on the context; in this case, it’s bringing your own brew.

There are plenty of BYO restaurants around the country, but websites such as Style Magazines help people out by making a compilation of the best in the region. This helps people looking to try a different dining experience go to the best examples of the place or the one closest to them. But, it’s just bringing a drink to a restaurant. What can possibly be any different about it?

The appeal of the BYO restaurant isn’t so much in the experience, but in the convenience that it provides. This can best be felt when there’s a large group of diverse people trying to look for a single place to have a meal. There are so many variables to take into account that it would be almost impossible to find one establishment that can cater to all of their needs.

With BYO restaurants, they can at least settle on the kind of drinks they can enjoy. It’s also a great way to avoid the high mark-ups on alcohol, and that’s something everyone can appreciate, regardless of their age.


Self-Incrimination: Knowing More About This Right

LawThe Fifth Amendment, more commonly known as the right against self-incrimination, is one of the essential rights of an American. This ensures balance and fairness in trials. It’s also one of those rights that many laymen find difficult to understand; hence, a lot misinterpretations.

It’s great to know that there are law firms, such as Noll Law Office, that are willing to advocate the education of the public regarding this right. Read on to learn more.

What Does the Right Hold?

The Fifth Amendment basically holds this text

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

In Layman’s Term

For laymen, the right against self-incrimination provides a criminal defendant with a right not to testify. It prevents the government from forcing any person to give testimonial evidence that will jeopardize him. In a nutshell, the defendant has the right to refuse to answer the questions that may incriminate him.

On Miranda Rights

There are people who aren’t aware of this right. And that causes many cases of abuse by the authorities. To act as a safety net and to protect the right of a suspect, the authority must tell him the Miranda warning. It is a right to silence that will keep the person from making self-incriminating statements. The Miranda warning came to be when the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights of Ernesto Arturo Miranda, who was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and rape, had been violated.

These are only some of the things you need to know about your right. This is important, especially if you’re being arrested or tried wrongly. Consult a criminal lawyer to learn the other workings of this right.

Split Air Conditioners

How Split Air Conditioners Work

Split Air ConditionersA split AC system is perhaps your best bet if you need cooling in a room sans windows. The split system is advantageous in such rooms because it is just as effective as the window AC in terms of cooling, conserves space, easy to install and noiseless in operation.

Moreover, unlike ducted AC systems, split-types do not need elaborate ducts, which reduce the total cost considerably.

Even with all these plus points, however, many homeowners are hesitant to buy a split AC system, primarily because they do not know how it works.

Conduct Air Conditioning clears the air on what split air conditioners are.

Two Separate Components

Unlike window ACs, the split units contain two separate components: the outdoor and the indoor unit. The former usually contains the compressor that kick-starts the cooling process, while the indoor unit runs the evaporator and fan, which cool the room by removing the warm air in it.

These components connect to each other via tubing and electrical wires. The connecting tubing transports the warm air from inside to outside.

What Happens Outside?

When you switch on the split AC, the thermostat in it detects warm air and activates the compressor. This causes the circulation of the refrigerant, increases its pressure and temperature as itcompresses through a series of pipes. The compressed refrigerant now moves into the condenser that changes its state from gas to liquid.

What Happens Inside?

Simultaneously, inside the room, the evaporator collects the warm air and passes it on to the chilled liquid refrigerant. The fan also works now to blow the cooled air back into the room, thereby reducing the temperature within.

The key behind the cost-effectiveness of the AC is that the machine recycles the refrigerant and used again for the entire cooling process. In addition, because the compressor is outdoors, the split AC is relatively quiet when in operation (for example, when compared to window types).

Most homeowners now use split AC types for their home cooling needs instead of the regular window types. These offer higher cooling capabilities with only a small increased cost.

hardwood conservatory

5 Good Reasons for Hardwood Conservatories

hardwood conservatoryThere are beautiful houses, and then there are houses with conservatories that make it even better. Traditionally, conservatories were mere storerooms until they became a room dedicated for growing of plants.

The concept has evolved, and today, they function as that area in the house where home and nature converge. They make a great area for relaxation, social function, hobbies, or any pastime that requires plenty of natural light.

Building a Conservatory

Hardwood conservatories look elegant. The magnificent grain of hardwood lends a warm and natural look to any home, which also blends perfectly with the outdoors, which is what conservatories are for anyway – to invite a hint of nature into your home.

You also have a lot of leeway in terms of overall appearance. You can polish or stain hardwood to achieve the texture and finish you desire. You can even paint over it, although that is not advisable if the grain is beautiful.

When treated appropriately, certain kinds of hardwood could last from 10 to 25 years. If needed, a contractor can easily install additional joints for support under the roof.

Why Choose Hardwood as Conservatory Material

Hardwood is a great choice for conservatories because it works well with other materials such as double or triple glazing, and brick walls. The material is versatile as well. You can use it to style the conservatory to suit even modern tastes. For install, you can install more glass windows, shape the wood according to the shape of windows – even circular pocket windows in the exterior, or incorporate a number of design details such as cresting and dentil moulding.

They can increase the value of your home. Unlike garish conservatories usually comprised of PVC, hardwood ones exude class of its own.
Hardwood conservatories give a cosy vibe that is perfect for a sunroom.

garage floor

Transform Your Standard Concrete Garage Floor With Floor Coatings

garage floorChoosing the right floor coating for your garage is not an easy task. At present, floor paint and epoxy paint are the two most popular types of floor coating in the market. To help you decide, base your selection process on the following factors:

1. Condition of Your Flooring

To enhance your greasy, oily and rusty garage floor, use latex paint to give it a new life. This type of floor paint is ideal for concrete floors. For a tougher and attractive surface garage floor, you can use epoxy paint.

2. Budget

To stay within your budget, consider floor paints. This type is much cheaper than epoxy paint. A single floor paint coat usually cost you 15¢ or less per square foot, while epoxy paint cost around 30¢ to $1.50 for the same area.

Epoxy, however, is the toughest covering, and depending on the wear and traffic your floor gets, recoating is at a frequency of 3 to 5 years. With floor paint, recoating is every one to two years.

3. The Amount of Work Required

Floor paint is easier to apply. Epoxy paint can be tricky to work with because the floor preparation is so important and you need to work fast to apply them before it hardens. In addition, it takes up a week before you can drive on them.

4. The Look and Performance

Latex floor paint provides a low-sheen flat finish. The oil-based paint dries to a high gloss finish and requires a primer coat. The floor paint is not as tough compared to epoxy coatings and vulnerable to road salts and other chemicals.

On the other hand, epoxy provides enough primer even if you only apply a single coating. You can use a urethane sealer finish on your epoxy coating for extra durability.

The key to make your floor coating last longer is to evaluate your garage flooring first, before deciding which type of coating is perfect for your garage.


Is No Closing Cost Refinance a Good Deal?

mortgageMany aspiring homebuyers find no closing cost loans appealing because they don’t have to pay any mortgage fee upfront. The lending company they choose will be accountable for the funds, making the loan procedure faster and easier. They also benefit from the services they offer, such as appraisal and title search fees, title insurance premiums, and loan origination, to make sure that no problems will take place during the loan period.

If you’re planning to do the same, then you should take note of the following:

Are You Sure That Mortgage Rates Will Decline?

There are times when mortgage rates are too high that you can’t afford to get a good deal. Then there are instances when they decline, making you think that you should’ve waited and made the deal a little later. The housing market is unpredictable, so if you’re aware of the changes in mortgage rate, Utah loan and financial analysts suggest that you should go for it.

Can You Keep the Loan for a Short Time?

No closing cost loan is ideal if you can repay the money after a few years, around five years or less. This type of a loan becomes more costly when kept for a long time. If you don’t want to pay higher interest rates, make sure that you’re ready for repayment no matter what financial problems will come.

An effective strategy that many homebuyers do today is getting the loan when they’re sure that someone is interested in buying their old home. Do this when you’re sure that they won’t back out, though. It’s best to apply for a no closing cost loan when you and your buyer have signed the contract.

Make the most of your loan options by choosing the right mortgage. If you’re still confused, you should find an expert who can explain your future financial situation in case you decide to apply.